Below you find the time schedule of the workshop. All times are GMT/UTC+2 (Berlin time).

For more details on the single presentations see our „Abstracts“-page.

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DAY 1 | THURSDAY | JUNE 9, 2022

Hanns Christian Schmidt & Julia Eckel
10:00-11:00KEYNOTE I  
Susana Tosca (Roskilde University, DK)
From Choosing to Watching: Uncomfortable Reception in Game to Anime Adaptations
Andreas Rauscher
11:15–12:15KEYNOTE II   
Juergen Hagler (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AUT)
Animation & Digital Games in Theory and Practice: Studying ‚Digital Arts‘
Julia Eckel
12:15–12:45Lunch Break
12:45–14:00PANEL I | Life & Matter

Jan-Hendrik Bakels (FU Berlin, GER)
It’s alive – The Video Game In Between Animation, Animism, and Subjectivity 

Michael Nitsche (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Bits of Material Performance 
Christopher Lukman

DAY 2 | FRIDAY | JUNE 10, 2022

9:30-10:30KEYNOTE III
Raz Greenberg (Tel Aviv University, ISR)
The Animation of Gamers and the Gamers as Animators in Sierra On-Line’s Adventure Games
Hanns Christian
10:45–12:00PANEL II | Phenomenology & Aesthetics  

Christopher Lukman (FU Berlin, GER)
The Skating Body. Towards a Phenomenology of Playthings 

Alesha Serada (University of Vaasa, FIN)
Crudely, a Machine. The Dream Machine Through the Lens of Russian Formalism
Julia Eckel
12:00–12:45Lunch Break
12:45–14:00PANEL III | Transmedia & Transfer

Christopher Totten (Kent State University, USA)
Art, Play, and Winsor McCay: The Critical Art of Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends

Andreas Rauscher (University of Freiburg, GER)
Transmedia Tableaus – Building Bridges between Animation and Games
Hanns Christian

DAY 3 | SATURDAY | JUNE 11, 2022

10:00–11:15  PANEL IV | Images & Interactivity    

Julia Eckel (Paderborn University, GER)
Documenting Games | Documenting Animation

Undine Remmes (Universität Freiburg, GER)
The Influence of Rembrandt’s Light and Shadow on Video Games
Chair: Andreas Rauscher
11:30-12:45PANEL V | Production & Play      

Alexander Kreische (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, GER)
The Camera Player: Game Images in Virtual Production

Werner Fleischmann (Media Akademie Hochschule Stuttgart, GER)
Freedom of Virtual Camerawork in Story Driven 3D Animations and 3D Video Games
Christopher Lukman
12:45-13:15Closing Remarks / Networking Ideas
Christopher Lukman & Andreas Rauscher